The studio sessions are an individual approach to Pilates using the traditional Pilates apparatus.  It is a full body workout.

All your sessions will reflect personal attention, movement and consistency. 

Lessons run for 55mns. 

Private sessions:  the best way to maximise results and the understanding of the method is by having one on one private sessions. Your experienced Instructor will consistently tailor the lesson to your personal needs.

When doing more than one private session a week, if not with the same instructor communication and consistency remains as all instructors follow the method which has a system that best supports your needs. 

Duet sessions: Only 2 clients wanting the hour as a private to themselves. The duo workouts are very popular with couples and friends. Partners must be of the same level.  If one duo partner is unable to keep the appointment the other has the opportunity to do a one on one private session or to reschedule with their duo partner.  If you are looking for a partner the studio can try and arrange one for you.

You can book all your appointments online. Choose your time and session type and then book away.

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Introductory Unlimited 2 Weeks

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