My name  is Mary and I am a business development manager which means that I spend a lot of time driving!

I have a history of lower back problems and after a recent injury , my chiropractor suggested that I explore Pilates.
The Pilates Lounge and Mimi were my introduction into the world of pilates.
I could not have picked a better place.. What a gem!

I have been taking mat classes with Mimi and her team of pilates instructors over  a number of months.
The classes are always  kept to a small number which offers the sense of feeling that you are receiving a one on one session , undivided attention and a true focus on your form throughout the class.

Mimi and her team are not only extremely knowledgeable , they are professional , passionate  and dedicated to teaching pilates.
And they always ensure that you feel comfortable during this journey.
The benefits and change it has brought in me are substantial.
I have noted a stronger core, better posture, improved strength and slimmer waistline!
I love the vibe and energy of this place and after every class I go home feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

Love this place… Cheers”

Mary Dimitriou

Business Development Manager

“I’m a 36 year old male enthusiast cyclist and senior executive in the sports fashion industry and thus time poor and seldom look after myself. The Pilates Lounge was introduced to me by my partner and I thought I’d last maybe one session! I am now doing two class’s a week. A general beginner class and also a sports specific class. I have found the lessons to be hugely beneficial across multiple aspects of my life.

My cycling has improved through increased strength through my core and more flexibility. My posture has improved also and am experiencing less aches and pains through my lower back and shoulders. I also find the classes to be extremely soothing for the mind even though they can be quite difficult both from a co-ordination point of view and physical strength.

The instruction is world-class, clear precise direction, coupled with a hands on approach means that even with a lack of experience and ability assures you focus in on the right areas. The sporting male specific class targets the core muscle groups and the instruction is adapted to the sport of choice, in my case ITB and hip flexors etc.

Would I recommend the Pilates lounge to my friends and family? Of course, in fact I publicly tell most people I know … For an Aussie bloke that’s not that easy!”

Vaughan McVilly

General Manager, Champion System Australia

“We have been “doing duets” with Mimi at the Pilates Lounge for about 6 months.  It is wonderful to find an instructor who is as proficient and experienced as Mimi and a studio as welcoming and well-equipped as the Pilates Lounge.  Mimi is able to cater for varying experience and ability, as well as illness or injury, while always ensuring that the sessions are challenging and great fun.  She is also wonderful at accommodating our sometimes shifting schedules and giving us a mix of equipment and mat routines.

Pilates with Mimi is the perfect adjunct to our other exercise routine and something which nurtures our bodies both physically and mentally.”


Larissa Cook

Special Counsel, Clayton Utz

“I started working in Rosebery in August 2013 and was keen to develop an exercise regime that fitted with my working week. My role is a Stakeholder and Community Engagement Officer at the Eastern Sydney Medical Local.

I went to Fitness First Gym but their classes did not appeal to me.  I was delighted to find the Pilates Lounge offered 45 minute mat classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and even found a colleague to join me.

I have been so impressed with Mimi’s and later Rachael’s teaching style. I always feel re-energised going back to work and feel that I am truly understanding Pilates and the principles.  I particularly love that the classes are never too full for the instructors to give one on one feedback.

Thank you so much.”

Lorna Stevens

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Officer, Eastern Sydney Medical

“Five years ago I had two major neurological operations on my lower spine, the aftermath of which was weakened nerves and muscles in one leg and foot drop (inability to lift the toes fully, affecting gait and balance).

I followed a regime of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, walking and cycling to increase my leg strength.

A year ago, I began one-on-one sessions with Mimi and her team. Since then, although still not 100%,  my leg strength has improved substantially through the use of Pilates exercises.

I highly recommend Mimi and her colleagues, not only for those needing rehabilitation, but also for anyone smart enough to realise that it is vitally important to maintain one’s fitness and flexibility as we all get older.”

David L

“Having heard about Pilates for some time I was constantly curious about what the benefits could do to me and benefit me further on top of what I was doing already. I was referred to Mimi’s MATT Class – a great deal offered to all and I quickly became aware that this was great value for money and also was going to be a good challenge for my body encouraging stretching and improving muscle tone.

Mimi provided a huge amount of encouragement and support, and was clear in her instruction and the reason behind such movements – classes were a challenge which is what I liked plus the intimacy of the MATT classes provided that you were well held and supported. The thing I noticed more was the improvements to my core and how Pilates increased my strength when it came to doing weights in the gym and participating in outdoor boot camp sessions.

Cheers Mimi!”


James Isles

Team Leader Child, Youth & Family, The Benevolent Society

“From 1994 to 2003 I studied Pilates with two of the truly great teachers, Megan Williams and Sally Anderson.  They taught classical Pilates and showed me how to isolate and work the mussels and ligaments in my body, which is as much mental as physical.  

In Pilates a great teacher is a real gift, when you have experienced it you keep looking for it.  I learnt and benefited from small classes in an intimate studio setting with wonderful teachers and it took me a good while to find it again, until I found Mimi and the Pilates Lounge.” 


Julia Hickleton

“I started pilates classes at The Pilates Lounge after the birth of my son, attending both mums and bubs and general classes. Having previously danced and been very physically active it was alarming to discover just how much strength I had lost since giving birth. However Mimi was excellent at helping me work slowly and precisely in order to regain my core stability.

Mimi and her team create a warm and encouraging environment in their classes and their depth of knowledge and expertise is evident in their attention to detail in giving instructions and corrections.”


Peta Blevins

Dancer, Mother

“I have been going to weekly mat classes at the Pilates Lounge over the past six months and have found a noticeable difference in the strength, awareness and movement of my body.

Mimi has a thoughtful and effective method and she really pays attention to each individual member of the class, focussing on our understanding of the movements and breathing.

I feel the benefit after each class, and it is an enjoyable as well as challenging break from work. I look forward to future sessions and would highly recommend the Pilates Lounge.”

Laura Matarese

Heritage Consultant

“Mimi is an absolutely fantastic teacher, and my weekly studio class has really helped with my persistent back problems (due to too much computer work!).

The studio is always pristine and welcoming, and Mimi is flexible in terms of class timings.

I would recommend The Pilates Lounge :)”


Victoria Morris

Planning Manager

“I love the atmosphere of the place. The  private classes improved my posture and the strength in my back. Mimi is a good practitioner.”


Anne Freccero

Writer / Artist

“The Pilates Lounge has been the perfect solution for my health and fitness needs.

Mimi and her team of instructors are impressively competent in their understanding of the Pilates method and fabulous motivators. They are responsive and encouraging in supporting me to better posture, a stronger core and more vitality”

Francine Pirola

“I started going to the Pilates lounge to build up my core due to a sciatic nerve issue, Mimi and her team help me cross that hurdle. She then saw me through my 9 months pregnancy working on my pelvic floor & muscle tension, I continue to have private classes now 7 months post my labour and I am absolutely loving my classes and the strength I have developed.”

Zore Zulumovska

Advertising, Mother

“I highly recommend the The Pilates lounge.

Having just recently had treatment for cancer and surgery, the instructors at the Pilates Lounge were so incredibly nurturing and supportive, catering for my specific needs.

I really enjoy the sessions and as a result of several months, I am feeling a great development in my strength, flexibility in my movement and a stronger core.

At the Pilates Lounge they have truly created a relxed and comfortable haven to connect with your body.  I look forward to my sessions every week.”


Katie Making

Primary School Teacher, Mother

“It was wonderful to experience The Pilates Lounge yesterday! Amazing facilities, diligent instructor and balanced, restorative workout. Thank you!”


Anamai Carbonel

“I’m not a morning person but the relaxing environment and teaching style really makes me feel energised despite the early start. The lessons are never the same, there’s always a good mix of exercises. I have a weak back from working in an office and can feel myself becoming stronger each time.”


Nicholas Philips

“The Pilates Lounge always makes me feel comfortable when I am there. I had some existing back strains when I started but now due to the targeted excises and the guidance of the patient and experienced teachers, I no longer have any issues. I continue to go because I enjoy the atmosphere and how the teacher always addresses any concerns we have that week while mixes up the exercises in each class.”

Sharon Wee

Sharon Wee Creations, Owner and Director

“I have been attending classes at the Pilates Lounge for approx 9 months. I originally started doing Pilates as I had suffered with a frozen shoulder for many months, and had not been able to get relief from other forms of exercise. I have recently also been diagnosed with a nerve disorder which can affect movement in my limbs.
I found that even after a few weeks, movement in my shoulder had improved dramatically. I also noticed that my body overall was feeling much “more free” and my joints were all moving better.
I work as a Skin Therapist, and as such find that I am in a forward leaning position for most of the day when doing skin treatments, so the Pilates has helped greatly in correcting my posture.
I chose the Pilates Lounge, as it was convenient to my home, but the thing that has kept me coming back for all these months is Mimi, the Principal of the Studio, and Rachel, her excellent instructor. I also like that the classes are kept small, so that everyone can get individual attention from the instructors.

Both Mimi and Rachel are obviously passionate about Pilates, and this comes across in the way they treat each and every student. I am impressed also with their knowledge of the body, and how they tailor the exercises to each individual. I attend sessions twice a week, and even on a cold winter morning , I look forward to going. I find it gets my body & my mind in the right place to face the busy day ahead.

The Studio, and all the equipment is spotlessly clean, and the delicate scent of aromatherapy greets you as you enter.

I would recommend the Pilates Lounge to anyone who is interested in trying Pilates”

Kaye Owen

Owner, Paramedical Skin Therapist

“With my job I am required to stand on concrete floors for up to 15 hours a day and have to carry a reasonable amount of equipment on me, maintaining good posture is key in making it a comfortable day!

It has always been very important to me to do my best to keep my body strong and healthy in my line of work. Pilates reformer and mat classes are my preferred method of exercise and I absolutely love my sessions with Mimi and her wonderful team at the Pilates Lounge.

Their attention to detail is fantastic which I think is very important, there are so many specific elements to any one exercise that it is great to have someone gently reminding you,correcting and talking you through every detail of where your body should be and it should feel. The classes are small so you know you are really being looked after more like a one on one session.

I come out of class feeling taller and stronger and like I have had a really solid work out, it is such an effective way of getting defined muscles and elongating your body.

I can’t recommend Mimi highly enough, her technical expertise and knowledge of Pilates is phenomenal and her nature is gorgeous! ”

Georgia Lockhart-Adams

“The first thing you notice about the Pilates Lounge is the wonderful atmosphere Mimi has created. I started with the lunchtime classes and absolutely love it. The classes are small, therefore Michele is able to give individual attention to each person so you feel you are doing each movement correctly therefore receiving maximum benefit from the exercises.

As an instructor, Michele is warm, attentive and encouraging.

Going to the Pilates Lounge is a highlight of my week now and I would highly recommend her establishment.”

Claudia Scheibe

Recently Retired Teacher

“I’ve always been interested in Pilates but was always sceptical of it. Upon my meeting and very first introduction to the Pilates Lounge studio in Zetland, I immediately felt welcomed and understood.

Mimi was a gem, she took time to explain the importance of each exercise and helped me in isolating muscles and making me use muscles I never knew existed. Before meeting Mimi my core was weak and I felt very weak, and after mere Weeks of attending the Pilates studio I began feeling toned, strong and grateful to Mimi for all her time and extraordinary teaching skills.

She really is a great asset and calming presence.”


Petroula Tsionis

Owner / Director, International , AutoHaus

“I have been going to The Pilates Lounge for about 12 months and I have never felt better or stronger.  I suffered from low back pain for more than 10 years and whilst I tried other pilates studios, I didn’t get the same relief as attending The Pilates Lounge.  Mimi is able to adapt her classes and instructions based on the needs of her students and knows exactly how and when to push you because she instinctively knows what you are capable of doing.

Mimi has an amazing style and her beautiful French accent is completely soothing even when doing the most complex pilates exercises!

I love attending both my duet class and group mat class each week and can’t recommend the Pilates Lounge more highly.”


Sharon Ericsson

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